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      1. Industrial DC Power Products

        Industrial DC Power Products

        StatiVolt ® station rectifiers and integrated DC power systems provide fully line and load regulated power for

        Industrial AC Power Products

        Industrial AC Power Products

        Redundant, clean sine-wave AC power ensures a high availability of critical safety devices, controls, alarms, instrumentation, PLCs and computers. StatiVolt ® conditioners, inverters and UPS...

        Telecom DC Power Products

        Telecom DC Power Products

        StatiVolt ® telecom rectifiers and integrated telecom DC power systems provide low noise,...

        Motive Power Chargers

        Motive Power Chargers

        Staticon electric vehicle battery chargers are the most functionally advanced, durable, field serviceable and proven of their type. There is a Staticon charger for every industrial application....

        Welcome to Staticon

        Staticon is a well-established Canadian manufacturer of built-to-order, DC and AC power supply equipment and industrial battery chargers. Our unit and system products provide utility grade power solutions for your essential backup, auxiliary and battery charging requirements.

        Staticon products are uniquely durable and completely field serviceable. Our product designs are based on natural convection cooling, magnetic control and simple electronics. Our power systems provide the value-added integration of Staticon units with batteries, protection and distribution components.

        We are your long-term power solution provider...by design!

        Industry Applications

        • Generating Stations
        • Transmission Substations
        • Alternative Energy Sites
        • Oil & Gas Projects
        • Forest Product Mills
        • Processing Plants
        • Manufacturing Plants
        • Distribution Centers
        • Telecom Networks
        • Computer Installations
        • Public Works
        • Mines
        • Pipelines
        • Airports
        • Railways
        • Hospitals
        • Government Facilities
        • Military Sites

        Post-Sale Services

        • Commissioning
        • Training
        • Trouble-Shooting
        • Field Repair
        • Spare Parts
        Staticon Post-Sale Services

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